I never thought that my favorite sports player would be a football player, much less an Italian who I had never heard of. I was strictly a baseball fan, and did not really give the time of day to other sports. But then, while I was in Italy on a vacation with a friend of mine that owns a Minneapolis roofing company, we were watching a football game on the television in this lovely little restaurant, and Lazio was playing. I kept seeing this one player making these amazing plays and performing these incredible feats of athleticism, and eventually I had to know who it was. I did not speak very much Italian and no one there spoke very much English, but I eventually got across to them that I wanted to know who was playing midfield for Lazio. They told me that it was Cristian Ledesma, and ever since then I have known in my heart that he is one of the greatest athletes that I have ever seen. I have not told any of my friends back in America this, because they would make fun of me for hours and never let me live it down, but it is true.