I am a big fan of football and of all the footballers out there, but I really could not have told you who was my favorite of them all until the day that I met Cristian Ledesma. I was having coffee at my favorite cafe, and I saw him come in with a couple of his friends. He and they were having a jolly old time, drinking lots of coffee and even eating donuts for a break from the hard training life of a professional footballer. I watched him for a while, and when I was sure it was him, I decided to go up and get a signature. I keep a signature book around, but it turned out that he kept a little folder of pictures of himself to give to fans like me. I framed it and put it up on the wall of my living room, where it makes a great story for my friends – it might even be worth a lot of money in a couple years. But the best part was that when I went up to pay for my coffee, the cashier told me that Cristian Ledesma had paid for everyone in the cafe.