I was feeling down in the dumps one rainy day a few years ago. I had been wandering around the town all day, just feeling sorry for myself, sitting on park benches and staring and ducks and just thinking about very sad things. The reason for this was that I had just lost my job – it was a particularly good job, and I could have kept it if only I had not started to slack off like I always do. This was a particular setback since I had just gotten engaged, and I did not know where I would ever get a job as good as the one I had, especially in this economy. I never thought that I would have any way to fix this, which would mean that me and my soon to be wife could never have the life that we wanted. Then, at the end of the day, I dropped into a tavern to watch the Coppa Italia finals. I liked Lazio, but didn’t have much faith in them, but then Cristian Ledesma made some of the most amazing plays I have ever seen. I was so happy and my faith in life was restored. I realized that there is happiness in all things, and that my situation would work out. Certainly not worth a suicide.